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    {Organization} Close to my Heart Acrylic Stamp Organization and Video

    Organizing stamps is one of the most tie consuming projects I have ever had to do. I have soooo many – over 400 sets to be exact. ...

    {Organization} Stamp Storage: Wood Mounted and Acrylic Stamps

    Sometimes I run across a great storage solution I just have to share right now and this is one of them. Stamping with Bibiana stores ...

    {Organization} Stamp Storage – and a WHOLE LOT OF STAMPS!

    I’ve seen a lot of stamps on the internet, but I don’t think I have ever seen this many in once place — WOWSA!!!!! ...

    {Organization} Clear Stamp Storage and Stamp Index How To – Video

    I love the idea of storing stamps in a CD case and a flip case base. Be careful, though. I have heard some of hte cheaper stamps have ...

    {Organization} Clear Stamp Storage! – VIDEOS

    I have been searching and searching and searching and….. For the best way to store my clear stamps- I have them in a bin now, ...

    {Organization} A HUGE Wall with TONS of Stamps

    Have you ever seen so many stamps? Me either!!! I saw this picture and knew I had to share it. Debi Bailey has a lot of stamps- but ...

    {Organization} Clear and Cling Stamp Storage by Jennifer McGuire + Video

    Jennifer McGuire’s stamp storage has been seen all over the internet, so of course we had to showcase it here on our page too! ...

    {Organization} Clear Stamp Storage Organization

    Acrylic stamps are easy to store, but here is one of our favorites and it’s from Cathy – Be sure to check out her complete ...

    {Organization} Stamp Storage in a Binder

    TARYNNE WISE has a great way she stores her stamps – see the complete post on her blog My Wise Designs